Some of you might know that I am a tea reviewer over the Tea Review Blog. It doesn’t pay, but it really fun and a get a ton of free tea samples in the mail to review. (At last count I had 125 different kinds of tea in my house!)

One of the fun things that we do over there is a monthly tea swap. Anyone can join, and on the first of the month you get the name, address and tea preferences of your tea partner, usually a total stranger. Then you put together a tea package for them in the next 2 weeks and send it off. There are some rules: You need to include a tea accessory, a yummy snack, and a tea minimum, but after that you are free to do what you’d like!

I got my tea swap package today and check out all the great stuff I got!


My tea swap partner Pam (who lives in Texas) was SO generous! She sent an entire box of Stash Chai tea (one of my favorite types of tea) and huge amounts of loose teas in the dark green bags. What was so great is she sent a nice variety of black tea, green tea, white tea and herbal so I can try them all. (She didn’t send roobios though, by request as I am not yet a fan.) She also sent some tea filters and a wooden honey scooper thing. I hope she likes my package just as much as I like hers!

When you are an adult it is not often that you get a bright, colorful, yummy, sweet scented package in the mail, so opening the tea swap box turns you back into an 8-year-old kid. And of course I ran home giggling the whole way and put tea water on as soon as I walked in the door so I could start enjoying it.

You can still join the July tea swap if you’re interested. Just head on over here.

Edit: I opened the box of Chai and it wasn’t just 30 bags of one type of tea, it was 36 bags of assorted tea. I can’t believe how spoiled I am…thank you Pam!!

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Stephanie · June 23, 2009 at 2:23 am

Awesome new website Becky!! Nice work on it already! And it looks like you got quite the nice haul from the Tea Swap, wow!!! I’m so glad you and your partner enjoyed each other’s swap – and thanks for all your fantastic tea reviews too 🙂

Becky · June 23, 2009 at 6:43 am

Thanks Stephanie! And thanks for your advice when I was setting up my blog!

RyanMCFC · June 23, 2009 at 7:10 am

I am enjoying the Stash Ginger Breakfast Black you got in this swap right this very moment.

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