I had an unexpected month-long job offer, and I started last Monday. On one hand, it will allow us to save a little bit more money for China, but on the other hand it is really taking up a lot of my time, and energy, which might be better spent elsewhere. So instead of a new blog entry, I thought I’d share a few other interesting articles that I’ve really liked as I’ve surfed the web this week.

Good-Bye, Microsoft Money! 16 Powerful Personal Finance Programs (At GetRichSlowly.com) – This is a collection and quick reviews of a number of different personal financial software programs that are available right now. First off, I had no idea there were so many, and second, I had no idea so many were FREE! I myself need to pick one of these for keeping our finances straight while traveling, and right now, I’m looking at BudgetPulse.

The Culture Shock of Coming Home (At NomadicMatt.com) – I always have a really hard time coming home after traveling for awhile so I can relate to this article. It’s interesting because after all of my big trips so far, I have always gone back home to my mom’s house. After we come back from China, I’ll be coming back to my own house which I think will be a different experience for me. Time will tell.

How to get Laptops and TVs for Free (at cleverdude.com) – I have always been tempted by those “fill out a survey get a free Laptop!” ads on the internet. I even started to do it once but immediately stopped after I got stuck in this web of “free trial offers.” I thought they were all scams and nobody ever actually got a computer. But this guy did it. A number of times! And if your crazy enough to try it, he gives some tips.

Silver Needle Jasmine from Rishi Tea (at teareviewblog.com) – This is a little self-serving (but really what isn’t on a blog?) but this is the most popular review on the Tea Review Blog that I am a reviewer for. Oh yes, the most popular review was written by me.

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