I read a lot of different websites related to China and travelers in China and there have been some funny/interesting stuff that I thought you might enjoy.

Strange News of the Week – echinacities.com collected some of the more offbeat stories of the week and put them all together in one bite size article.

Chinese Wedding Photos –   This is from Life Behind the Wall, a blog about a western woman married to a Chinese guy. It’s so funny to hear her perspective about these silly wedding photos. My chinese teacher recently got married and she showed us her “wedding album” book. It was filled with pictures of her and her husband dressed like children, like school kids, like teenagers, like a king and queen, and others. These are incredibly elaborate pictures! And I was curious at what the experience was like, as it is something we’d never do in the west. Thanks to this blog post I know now!

China’s Search Engine Busted for Censoring Results – From Lost Laowei, this is an interesting conundrum. So we all know how Google recently pulled out of China due to the gov’t demanding they continue to censor their internet results. Well, recently Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, has gotten sued by some Chinese-Americans for the exact opposite thing. They argue if Google had to follow the rules of China to do business in China, then Baidu should follow the rules in america (namely freedom of speech) and not filter their web results. Like I said, an interesting conundrum and I’m curious to see what will come of it.

And finally, a video for you to enjoy that my friends at Raoul’s pointed out. It’s a Chinese guy explaining (in english) the mandarin chinese accent. Not quite precise, in my book, but funny nonetheless (and I know some teachers are going to use this in their classes to point out some common pronunciation mistakes of the students.)

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