I wanted to briefly tell you about some websites that I’ve recently become a part of that are good resources for those of you who are interested in all things China, or are interested in teaching English in China or elsewhere.

┬áMy blog was picked as a favorite at Go! Overseas. (Scroll down I’m at the bottom.) Go! Overseas is a website dedicated to giving information to westerns who want to either teach, volunteer, or learn in another country. They don’t just focus on China, or Asia, but have resources to help people all over the world. In the teaching category, they seem to advertise, and work with, larger organizations. I think going through an organization isn’t the best idea, but if you want just a short term teaching contract, like 1-3 months, then you have to. The best thing about this website is the other articles, like the top 5 cheapest places to live and teach and top 10 countries in which to teach abroad. (China’s on both lists, ‘natch.)


Another website I have become a featured member on is chinabloggers.info. Similar to China Blog Network, this is a collection of blogs from all over China. It is separated into different categories like regional blogs, language blogs, food blogs and more. Mine is located under the personal blogs. Again, I’m at the bottom of the list (stupid alphabet).

So if you’re interested in China, or maybe thinking about coming to China to teach, then these sites will definitely be able to help you out. And if your not interested in China, then what the heck are you doing reading my blog?!


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