Remember, awhile ago I said that I was keeping track of my reading for a year? Well, now that years over, let’s see how I did.

Grand total: 100 books.

Pretty amazing eh? Remember this was not a contest or a goal. I just wanted to record my normal, daily reading habits to see how much I read in a year (because I suspected it was a lot). We all know observation changes the results of anything, but I didn’t change my reading style or habits that I was aware of. Just so you know.

I also must thank my new best friend Mr. Kindle. Without him none of this would be possible. In fact, out of 100 books I only read 2 “real” books. (The Chinese books and Habibi, the graphic novel.) I know you are thinking that I read so many on the kindle because I’m in China, but the truth is, I had some in paperback form, sent to me by friends and family, and I found and downloaded the kindle version because I just prefer it on the kindle now. I know, totally crazy, right?

So, here are some interesting facts:

out of 100 books:

72 were fiction

28 were non-fiction

1 was a mix of both (the short stories by Twain)

The most popular genre was sci-fi/fantasy with over 20 books.

4 were about China

1 was actually in Chinese

28 were books I have read before

8 were considered “classics,” most of which I didn’t like (sorry Catcher in the Rye).

And now the big questions:

Do I remember them all?

Yes. Kinda. If I hadn’t written them down, I’d never be able to remember them. And some of the titles, especially the ones I read at the beginning of the year, are fading fast from my mind. Diary, by Chuck Palahnick is probably the one I remember the least and in a year or two if you ask me if I’ve ever read Palahnick’s books, I might say no.

So why read so much?

Dunno. Just like it. You got a problem with that?

Overall I didn’t really like keeping track of the books even though it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Adding them to the book page was a real pain in the ass (the formatting kept screwing up) and sometimes I just didn’t feel like writing much about a book. But I’m glad to know approximately how many books I read a year.

And now, for the final question: What was my favorite book?

I tried to answer this one, I really did, but it’s just too hard. I’ve never been good a picking just one.

So how about you? What good books have you read this year that you suggest for me?

You can see the full list of books I’ve read here.

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trevelyan · January 9, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Stumbled across your blog looking – oddly enough – for photographs of trains in China.

I hated Catcher in the Rye too, and if you want more Hemingway I’d suggest picking up The Sun Also Rises. Romantic and self-loathing in turns, it’s probably the best thing he ever wrote. Much more subtle and emotionally honest than the Old Man and the Sea.

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