Tatum plays American football in Hangzhou.

Tatum playing American football in Hangzhou.

This is part two of a guest post written by my Thai friend Tatum. Yesterday he told the story of how he met his western girlfriend but I wanted to know how he felt about the Asian male stereotypes and any obstacles he’s had dating western women in China.  And yes, I did ask him to talk about the most pervasive stereotype of them all. The, errm, “small stature” stereotype. Cause, hey, I know you want to know.

Chapter 3 : Stereotypes questions

To be honest, I have never really encountered those kind of obstacles because if I was ever shot or made fun of with those stereotypical questions I would just roll over them like a Boss casually. You cannot just be shot down by those stereotypes, pondering these questions as a practical joke please. I don’t take them seriously ever anyways. Plus, those things will not keep you in the cage always, you got to break free out of those chains, getting out of your comfort zone is one of the crucial points also. You will gain much much more confident when you have actually experienced all those failures and mistakes you have made, executing all your moves out in the field practicing maneuvers smoothly. The things that people say about you is not true, well maybe some of them are, people judge all the time, everyone does, a common instinct of human nature. What makes you… YOU is just what kind of person you are and how you response to certain stressing situations.

Preconceived notions are quite significant factors as well, but you can always, however, change those who are willing to change. If they still hate you before they even know you tell them ‘go screw themselves.’ There’s literally no point in convincing them to accept what’s actually existing anyway, narrow minded people are just going to be that way because they are stubborn. The point is trust me “you don’t care” what other people think. What matters the most if what you truly think of yourself, considering all of your beliefs perspectives and all that makes you YOU, a very cool person. I don’t even flinch now when someone insults or jokes as me, just simple mock that individual back with a more hurtful way hahaha. They don’t even know you, you are wayyy more awesome than that, not knowing what you have been through is just immature. In fact, these people would say only if they were jealous. Jealousy is a curse, which means only jelly people would talk trash, making them haters.

If you have ever encountered with western or any kind of woman who is stuck with stereotypes, well, you can of course change their minds if that means she’s pretty cool. If not you just gotta move on, there’s nothing you can do much about it. There are so many fish in the sea, but it will be so empty without me. She’s not worth the effort anyways, unless you are super rich then you won’t have problems in the first place. If they think that you penis is too small, tell her that you have no idea until you actually see or feel it #winkwink. Meanwhile reaching into your wallet would help a whole lot. I, quite frankly, get these jokes from my male good buddies instead. I would just either play along or retaliate with “Is that what your mom told you?” or “That’s not what she said” on the other hand, they don’t joke me, as in insulting me to hurt my unflinching feelings. They have seen my junk and what I can do with my bad boy, the incredible hulk. Yes, that’s absolutely true lol. What has 148 teeth and it holds back the incredible Hulk…….. My Zipperrrrr #winkwink. My homies would just gotta step aside, but that’s also a whole lot of another yet to come captivating stories.

Dressed as a gladiator for halloween.

Dressed as a gladiator for Halloween.

Tatum is actually super happy to answer anyone’s questions so please feel free to ask him in the comments below. Actually he wrote a chapter 4 all about his likes and dislikes (fav movie: Shawshank Redemption. Fav holiday: Halloween. Sports fanatic) but it wasn’t quite relevant to the topic at hand so I didn’t add it here. So he’s happy to answer any questions you might have. (And when I say happy, I mean “chomping at the bit.” As you can tell from his writing, Tatum is an enthusiastic guy.) So please make his day and ask inthe comments below or e-mail me. 


Jocelyn Eikenburg · January 18, 2015 at 4:59 am

What a nice guest post — I’m sorry I missed this before! (Got behind while sick.) It’s always great to hear the guy’s perspective on dating.

Becky · January 19, 2015 at 4:15 am

It’s a good perspective to have, and as you can tell Tatum isn’t one to shy away from it. 😉

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