The winter holidays have begun and my itchy feet need to move. In fact, as you read this I’ve already started my winter travels (I’m in Shanghai and Hangzhou for a few weeks to see all my friends.)

But my main travel destination is what is probably the most dangerous place to fly to in the world right now: Singapore and Malaysia.

My destination this winter holiday. While Malyasia covers to different islands I'll stick to the main one (the one with Singapore).

My destination this winter holiday. While Malyasia covers to different islands I’ll stick to the main one (the one with Singapore).

No they aren’t the hot bed of political unrest or terrorist activity and the countries themselves are quite safe. It’s just getting there that seems the dangerous part. The 3 most publicized and talked about plane crashes the past year have all revolved around both Singapore and Malaysia. (First theĀ disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, the the shooting down of Malaysian airlines over the Ukraine and finally the most recent crash of AirAsia’s flight to Singapore.)

But bad things happen in three’s right?! So I should be safe? And anyway, 3 plane crashes in thethousands that have flown this month alone isn’t enough to deter me. (I’m thinking I won’t take Malaysian Airlines though.)

Singapore has long been on my list of places to see, but besides Kuala Lampur I don’t know much about Malaysia. Turns out it has crystal white beaches, blue clear water and world class diving and snorkeling. But as I discovered in Thailand I’m not the biggest beach person. But that’s okay because Malaysia is covered with a thick, dense jungle. Like, poisonous snakes, tropical heat, copious amounts of wildlife jungle. I’ve never really hiked in a real jungle so I’m looking forward to it.

And the food, oh the food! Singapore is famous for delicious and cheap street food (as it is a blend of all cultures the cuisine is equally mixed from all parts of asia.) But apparently malaysia has some tasty food too. In addition to some asian specialties like rice and noodle dishes they have a combo of Indian flavors as well. I’m looking forward to trying some pan meen, a thick wheat noodle with pork and soy. Or some kerabu beehoon, a vermicelli type noodle mixed with some meats and fresh herbs.

Whatever I eat and whatever creepy crawlies I encounter on my way I’ll be sure to document it so I can report back to you, dear reader!



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