Just like in every country, there is scribbles and scrawling on the walls of the bathroom stalls. A few short words, a number to call. But instead of the expected “for a good time” graffiti, it has another message. You’ll see this same graffiti in schools across the country.


Sorry for the blur. Bathroom was a bit dark and I didn’t want to spend more time in there than necessary.

It says “level 4 & 6 test” and then gives the number of a tutor. You could call it graffiti with Chinese characteristics. Instead of sex, or slut shaming, the graffiti is for a tutor for a test all college kids have to take. I assume the same graffiti can be found in the men’s room (though I didn’t check). Poor kids, can’t even get away from the relentless test pressures while taking a quick pee break!

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Autumn · November 13, 2015 at 2:03 pm

That’s so funny and so sad. I’m laughing as I weep!

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