A few blog posts ago I was talking about the semester beginning, and now here I am talking about the ending. For the past month I have been free, with more than 2 months left in my holiday. (Usually my holiday is 2 months but this summer it’s freakishly long.)

So what am I going to do with a quarter of the year off? Play badminton of course! You know me, badminton, badminton badminton. I had several competitions in the 3 weeks since school ended and I played almost everyday cause, ya know, badminton.

But, it’s a very long holiday and I’m gonna take a month long trip…back to the motherland.

Yep, I’m going to Trumpland (that’s what we have to call it now, right?) and I have no idea what’s happened in my absence.

It’s actually kinda funny because my job means I’m a representative of America and “The West.” I teach English, I teach culture, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t get asked *something* about America.

A few weeks ago a student asked me for notebook advice. It’s well known, even in my badminton crowd, that I’m a writer and it stands to reason that I would know good quality notebook brands. I suggested Moleskine, my favorite, and when my student was looking online he found another brand that seemed good. He asked me for my opinion and said, “I heard it’s very popular in America. Is it?”

“Nope.” I answered quickly. “Never heard of it. It can’t be popular in America,” because I’m a lady that knows notebooks.

And then I stopped myself.

Because for all I know it could be popular in America. I mean, it’s been three years since I’ve last stood on American soil and who knows what the trends are. If my friends don’t link to some Buzzfeed article on Facebook about it, then I don’t know it exists. For all I know, all the hipster elites could be using this new German notebook and it could be the most popular thing since the Cronut. (Although if that were true then surely there would be a Buzzfeed article about it.)

So I’m going back to check out a country, and a language, that I’m growing further and further away from to get a refresher course in all thing ‘Murica. (I’m also looking forward to seeing stars again as it has been an embarrassingly long time since they have been part of my life due to light, and other, pollution.)

I hope Target is as awesome as I remember.

In other news, there have been a few interviews featuring me around the web that I’m not sure I mentioned previously even though they came out awhile ago. Please check them out!

One is at Travis Lee’s blog. (He recently wrote a book I’ll be reviewing soon too.)

The other is at Expat Focus.

Also, I’m a part of yet another blog (because who needs free time?) The blog is called WWAM Bam! and is about Western Women dating Asian Men. As you know I talk about dating on this blog from time to time, and several of us bloggers banded together to make a blog dedicated solely to all things in multicultural love.

They featured me as WWAM’er of the month last week. So please check that out too. (This post about 25 stunning photos of Western Women marring Asian Men went slightly viral on wechat a few weeks ago.)


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