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Is Xiamen the Most Bike-Friendly City in the World?

Recently Xiamen has been getting a lot of attention from the world because of a new bike path. Not just a bike path but the world’s longest elevated bike path. It’s almost 5 miles long and built like a little bike highway with exits and entrances along the path, all hovering over the street (and … Continue reading »

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Medical Tourism– a Review of Bumrungrad Hospital

(This post got a little away from me but I wanted to be thorough for people going there. If you read my blog cause you’re interested in China, feel free to skip this one.) In my last post I kinda hinted that I was in Bangkok for a special reason other than traveling. And that … Continue reading »

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Where in the World was Becky? (Yes, past tense. I’m back now)

I hate when people do “sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile” posts because they quickly become outdated. Someone who reads this blog even a few months from today won’t even notice the break in days unless they specifically look at the date. That being said….sorry for the thin content here! Blame badminton. I’m not the … Continue reading »

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Shanghai Disney– A Review

So this winter holiday, I spent a week in Shanghai visiting an every growing number of friends. But what I was looking forward to the most, was visiting the recently opened Shanghai Disney (Sorry friends). And it did not disappoint! Just so you know, while I don’t like “Disney” as a brand, I love the … Continue reading »

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What it’s Like Taking a Intensive Chinese Class

So I just got back from a four-week intensive Chinese class, the second time I’ve taken one of these, and for those of you who are thinking of doing the same thing, I thought I’d write about my experience so you can decide for yourself. Four years ago I was a student at Keats School, … Continue reading »

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Back from the Month-Long Paradise of Yangshuo, China

So I’m back from my summer holidays, and like always it went by so fast. (How can people even stand a week-long holiday? That must be over in a blink.) I was in the small village of Yangshuo in Guangxi which is in southern China, studying Chinese. I’ll write another post about what it is … Continue reading »

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Class is Over, Time to Hit the Road

Final exams have been given, grades submitted, and lots of selfies with students have been taken. The semester, and subsequently the school year, is finished! Boom. Add another notch to the belt. Year seven complete. So what to do now with my 2 months of freedom? Well, when you live in the Miami of China, … Continue reading »

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The Art of Taking Pictures of Yourself While Traveling Alone

For the past four years now, I have traveled almost entirely alone. In fact, I insist on it, refusing any invitations or requests to travel from other people. (I’m kinda bitchy like that.) On my own I’ve been to several countries, and all parts of China and I have never had any major problems that … Continue reading »

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Being a Teacher is Worth It

Besides going to mountains this winter break, I had another accidental theme: Seeing my students. I’ve been teaching for so long, and with such a large number of students, that it just figures they are now spread all throughout China and I’d bump into them from time to time. This trip I keptĀ tripping over them … Continue reading »

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My Silent Traveling Companion

You might think I traveled alone this holiday, as you see I had a room for one, bought one train ticket and had no one else in my pictures. But that’s not true. I didn’t travel with another person, but I didn’t travel alone. I traveled with someone very popular, someone who kept me warm … Continue reading »

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