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Seeing the Chinese Military Makes Me Nostalgic

Five years ago I wrote about military training in China, and how it is mandatory for all freshman college students before classes begin. I originally wrote about how it felt a little intimidating, but over the years my feelings have changed. Now I find it a symbol of the changing year. Just like leaves turning … Continue reading »

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The Expat Life of Constant Goodbyes

Being an expat means your group of friends is constantly revolving. Being an English teacher means July is filled with tears and goodbyes and September is filled with hello’s. But in Xiamen, my friend circle includes more that just teachers which means they can leave at any time of the year. The latest casualty is … Continue reading »

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Missing the Blue Skies

I’m back from my month-long adventure in Thailand and I’m not too happy about it. China is cold and damp, and grey while Thailand was filled with amazing food, clear skies, green jungles and warm temps. Thailand is so close, and so cheap I can’t believe it took me so long to actually go there. … Continue reading »

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Problems with my Contact Page

About a month and a half ago I changed my contact form because I was getting a lot of spam. Since then I haven’t gotten any emails, but I was traveling and didn’t have time to look into it But it seems like despite being installed properly (I think) the email from the contact form … Continue reading »

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Please Help me by Voting!!

So I’m still in Thailand and I’m having a great time. But I wanted to break in here for a minute because I just found out that I have been nominated for a blogger award!! It’s the Lotus Blossom award and it is for bloggers who write about romance in china. The other blogs are … Continue reading »

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How to Make Friends in China

Some of you might look at the title of this blog post and laugh, but this is a really big problem! I already wrote a post on how to meet Chinese guys, and that is a cakewalk compared with making real friends. At first glance it seems like making friends in China is easy. Outside … Continue reading »

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A Few Viral Videos for you to Enjoy

Time for more Chinese related videos! It seems like a day doesn’t go by without some viral video or picture being spread around Facebook, Weibo or Weixin. So I thought I’d share a few of the especially good ones. I know a lot of my readers are outside of China, so maybe you haven’t heard … Continue reading »

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Solitude and Craziness

So before I go traveling I have about a month of doing nothing. The first few weeks flew by, with lunch and dinner appointments, friends birthdays (In Shanghai and elsewhere), and hangouts with students and friends. But now everyone has gone back home, all the foreign teachers have left for traveling and I had my … Continue reading »

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Bird Flu Time!

If it’s not one thing in China it’s another. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve lived through swine flu, extreme pollution not to mention the hazards of daily life including fake eggs, gutter oil and, in general shocking low levels of food safety. Now I’ve got bird flu to worry about. I’m sure … Continue reading »

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Hot Pot–Perfect for a Cold Chilly Night

Here in Southern China, wintertime temps regularly get to the zeros. It wouldn’t be a problem, my hometown in America gets much colder than that, but things here are aren’t heated. Classrooms, restaurants and most public building don’t have heat. And even worse they like to open the windows or doors in the freezing winter … Continue reading »

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