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Using Courage over Comfort

I’m gonna start out with a bold statement: I lead an inspiring life. I’m the kinda person that once I make up my mind to do something, I do regardless of how hard, or weird, it is. I’m not afraid to take risks, look like an idiot (or a egomaniac–clearly) and put myself in terrible, … Continue reading »

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A Little Update

So a few things have been going on lately I wanted to mention. First, go over to Travis Lee’s blog to check out an interview with yours truly. He asked some good questions about my time in China and the changes I’ve seen. It’s kinda nice to remember how things were different before and how much … Continue reading »

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Book Review: The Empress of Bright Moon

I consider myself to be a discerning consumer. I’m not highbrow, but I like shows that treat me like an intelligent person, like House of Cards or Game of Thrones, not things like dumb sitcoms or cheesy soaps. Or so I think. I recently realized when it comes down to it, every show is basically … Continue reading »

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Three Things I’ve Learned From Walking 10,000 Steps Everyday

Hey, remember a few months ago when I wrote about walking 10,000 steps everyday for 100 consecutive days? Well, guess what? I’ve kept at it an now have passed 183 days! (Actually I’m at day 225, I had internet problems and couldn’t update my blog for awhile.) But day 183 was the big day I was … Continue reading »

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*Obligatory Sappy Year End Post*

Look, I can’t dent it. This year was kick ass. Trying to sum it all up is too overwhelming. So instead I think I will do it with pictures. In January I started running with a new gang. Little did I know this gang would lead my down the path of depravity and french pastries. … Continue reading »

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I’m on Vagablogging (Again!)

I’ve been featured as a case study on Rof Pott’s site Vagablogging. Please go check it out! If you don’t know, Rolf Potts is the author of the influential Vagabonding–An uncommon guide to the Art of Long Term Travel. If you’ve ever experienced wanderlust and dreamed of traveling the world, you have without a doubt … Continue reading »

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Must-Read Books! (Aka: My Friends are More Talented than Me)

I realize I’m a bit of a hack, pounding away on my own blog with no care for spelling or proper grammar. (Yes people, I know my mistakes. No, I don’t care.) Luckily I have a bunch of friends that are not at all hacks like me and recently, they have all been publishing great … Continue reading »

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I’m on a Podcast

OMG, I was interviewed and now I’m officially on a podcast! I haven’t been brave enough to listen to it, but hopefully you don’t hate hearing my voice as much as I do, so feel free to have a listen. It was supposed to be a quick half-hour interview but Stefan (the host) and I … Continue reading »

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Thought on Aging (with a Babyface)

My whole life, age has been a problem. Not because I wish for my youth or long for the days when I was smooth skinned and young looking. It’s the exact opposite. I have always looked young for my age. In high school, people thought I was in middle school. In college, they thought I … Continue reading »

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Writing and Teaching Update (or, What I do When I’m not Eating or Playing Sports

I know based on my last few post you’ve probably been thinking I’ve been only eating and playing. And while I have, no doubt, I’ve also been busy with writing and teaching.  In fact I’ve got a few exciting things to tell you. Writing First, I wrote a guest blog over at! It was … Continue reading »

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