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Summer Holiday Time Again

A few blog posts ago I was talking about the semester beginning, and now here I am talking about the ending. For the past month I have been free, with more than 2 months left in my holiday. (Usually my holiday is 2 months but this summer it’s freakishly long.) So what am I going … Continue reading »

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The 2016 Becky Cup Badminton Tournament!!

This weekend was the 2016 Becky Cup! The event I have been planning and thinking about for months. How did it go? I’ll let the pictures do the ‘splaining: If that wasn’t stressful enough, at night I arranged a party on a rooftop of a local microbrew. So despite being exhausted we somehow managed to … Continue reading »

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100 Day Milestone!

So I think by now you know I’m pretty obsessed with my Xiaomi bracelet. It’s a fitness bracelet ala Fitbit, but made my a Chinese brand that I love. (The fitbit is $88 the Xiaomi one is $10 and works better.) It tracks your steps, and your sleep as well. I also bought the xiaomi … Continue reading »

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Badminton Becky (dotcom) is Born!

So I might as well finally announce it, I started a new website! No, it won’t replace this one. I’ll keep posting here about China, teaching students and dating Chinese guys, but lately I have a new obsession: badminton. It takes up a good part of my week and when I’m not actually playing it … Continue reading »

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Badminton Queen

I’m one month into the semester so I thought I’d fill you in with how things are going. This year I changed departments. Before I was in a different department, but now I’m back to teaching English majors. I wish I could say it was some grand gesture to get back to my roots, engage … Continue reading »

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The Fitter Life in China (With my Xiaomi Fitness Bracelet)

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry about getting fit in China. How living in China has made me healthier than I ever was in America and how easy it was to walk 10,000 steps a day. 10,000? Now that seems adorable to me. Soon after I wrote that article my $100 fitbit … Continue reading »

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