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Parsley & Coriander — Italians in China

So I just finished reading the newly released English translation of Parsley & Coriander written by Antonella Moretti and wanted to recommend it to you, my dear readers. While fictional, the story will ring true with many expats in China as Antonella drew from her real life experience of quitting her job, and uprooting her … Continue reading »

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Book Review: The Empress of Bright Moon

I consider myself to be a discerning consumer. I’m not highbrow, but I like shows that treat me like an intelligent person, like House of Cards or Game of Thrones, not things like dumb sitcoms or cheesy soaps. Or so I think. I recently realized when it comes down to it, every show is basically … Continue reading »

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Book Review — Secret of a Thousand Beauties

Recently Mingmei Yip contacted me and asked if i was willing to do a book review for her most recent novel Secret of a Thousand Beauties. I can never refuse a book, especially one about China, so I was happy to review it. This is the plot is a bit complex so I’m just gonna … Continue reading »

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Good Chinese Wife Review and a Chance to Win a Free Book!!

There’s a new book out about a western woman asian man relationship and I was lucky enough to get a review copy ahead of time to tell you, my dear readers, about. And even cooler I was picked to give away one of the free books! Woot! But I’mma gonna make you read my review … Continue reading »

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Moo-Cow Book Review

We got a very nice book review for Sword of the Ramurai from The Reading Tub. What’s nice about this is it wasn’t reviewed by an adult or a reading expert, but rather by a real family with two young kids. It’s nice to get not only the parent’s perspective but each child’s different opinion. … Continue reading »

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