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Parsley & Coriander — Italians in China

So I just finished reading the newly released English translation of Parsley & Coriander written by Antonella Moretti and wanted to recommend it to you, my dear readers. While fictional, the story will ring true with many expats in China as Antonella drew from her real life experience of quitting her job, and uprooting her … Continue reading »

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Must-Read Books! (Aka: My Friends are More Talented than Me)

I realize I’m a bit of a hack, pounding away on my own blog with no care for spelling or proper grammar. (Yes people, I know my mistakes. No, I don’t care.) Luckily I have a bunch of friends that are not at all hacks like me and recently, they have all been publishing great … Continue reading »

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Summer Reads About China

It’s summer, the season of reading, and I thought I’d recommend a few books you can bring with you on your travels. Now these book recommendations are for newbies about China. If you are a China enthusist you have probably read all of these long ago, but if you haven’t, then I would recommend them … Continue reading »

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This Explains a Few Things

You might have noticed I’ve been a little light on the blog posts lately. I typically average 3 posts a week, but for several weeks I’ve only managed a paltry 2. That’s because I’m busy. Crazy busy. This is the busiest semester I’ve had since coming to China. And I’m not really sure why. Some … Continue reading »

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