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Thousand Character Chinese Classic

Like I do at the end of every year, I have my students in speaking class become teachers. Their final exam is to “teach class” for 15 minutes. (Not a presentation, but actually teach.) This is always super fun. Students freak out when I assign it to them, but then they quickly realize class is … Continue reading »

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The Teacher Becomes the Student

This semester I’ve taught English speaking to every single sophomore class. I’ve never taught an entire grade the same subject at the same time before and I kinda like it. Usually each class hangs out mostly with themselves, as they live together, have class together and pretty much do everything together. Most students tend not … Continue reading »

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Best. Final Exam. Ever.

I think tests are meaningless. Students cram right before (or make a cheat sheet) and the minute the exam is over, the promptly forget just about everything they learned. But I’m a teacher and need to play in the system that requires final exams. But instead of a test, I always try to make my … Continue reading »

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Reason #853 Why I Love My Students

Every year I teach writing class. The official title is “Basic Writing,” but on the first day of class I tell them the real name, (my name) for the class is “creative writing.” This is my third year teaching it and while I do different things every semester I still have a basic curriculum at … Continue reading »

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