Untangling the Complex Chinese Term “Laowai”

One of the first terms that every foreigner learns after landing in china is 老外 laowai, which means, essentially, foreigner. Even if a foreigner eschews every single other chinese word, they cannot avoid this one. That’s because it is hurled around so much whenever a foreigner is around, you cannot help Read more…

By Becky, ago
Teaching English

What Does American English Sound Like?

When American’s want to parody what Chinese sounds like we (offensively) say “Ching chong wing wong.” When we want to parody Swedish we say “Smorgish, borgish, upsadasee.” (a la Swedish Chef.) When we want to parody Italian we say “Now dat’s a spicy-a meatball.” (Sorry Italian people, you can blame Read more…

By Becky, ago