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Shanghai Disney– A Review

So this winter holiday, I spent a week in Shanghai visiting an every growing number of friends. But what I was looking forward to the most, was visiting the recently opened Shanghai Disney (Sorry friends). And it did not disappoint! Just so you know, while I don’t like “Disney” as a brand, I love the … Continue reading »

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Back from the Month-Long Paradise of Yangshuo, China

So I’m back from my summer holidays, and like always it went by so fast. (How can people even stand a week-long holiday? That must be over in a blink.) I was in the small village of Yangshuo in Guangxi which is in southern China, studying Chinese. I’ll write another post about what it is … Continue reading »

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Hash House Harriers — A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

So last weekend I participated in my first “Hash” run. That is, the Hash House Harriers, an international group that organizes runs all over the world. The origins of the group is as British as the name. It started in 1938 when a bunch of British expats in Malaysia decided to run every monday to … Continue reading »

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Not as Bad as I Thought

I usually travel during the summer, and have never stayed in Lin’an during a holiday before. I was a bit disappointed I had to hang around town, but it turns out that only 3 weeks into summer, things are going great. For instance? Pool party! I haven’t swam in years, but it was even more fun … Continue reading »

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Dating in China

I’ve been keeping my dating life on the DL because, well, I guess I’m a little shy to talk about it on the internet where everyone can see (Hi mom and dad). But the truth is, western women dating Chinese guys is a rare phenomenon and there aren’t a ton of voices discussing it, so … Continue reading »

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