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What it’s Like Taking a Intensive Chinese Class

So I just got back from a four-week intensive Chinese class, the second time I’ve taken one of these, and for those of you who are thinking of doing the same thing, I thought I’d write about my experience so you can decide for yourself. Four years ago I was a student at Keats School, … Continue reading »

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Hanging Out With Foreigners

I want to write about hanging out with foreigners, which might seem a strange topic to you. The fact of the matter is that for the past 3 years I haven’t spent much time with the other laowai (foreigners). At school there are so few, and aside from one or two I don’t spend much … Continue reading »

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Across the Bridge is Some Darn Tasty Noodles

If you are an avid reader, with a really good memory, you’ll remember that I have been to Kunming before, two and a half years ago. I didn’t write much about the city, just one entry on the amazing park, because well, we didn’t do much. At the time, I thought we had an great … Continue reading »

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Back from Kunming!

My month-long intensive Chinese class is over and I’m back from Kunming. I had an amazing time, without a doubt my best holiday yet (and I have had some awesome holidays). In fact, this is the first time where I wasn’t relieved to come back home. Usually, after a month or so of traveling I’m … Continue reading »

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Life of a Student

So I have been in Kunming studying Chinese for two weeks. While I will write a longer review of the school later, I just wanted to give a two week update because this whole experience has been amazing. Turns out that while my current career is a teacher, the life of a student suits me. … Continue reading »

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