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What it’s Like Taking a Intensive Chinese Class

So I just got back from a four-week intensive Chinese class, the second time I’ve taken one of these, and for those of you who are thinking of doing the same thing, I thought I’d write about my experience so you can decide for yourself. Four years ago I was a student at Keats School, … Continue reading »

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Dating in China: Stories from the Trenches

It seems like you gossip mongers are really into my dating life (if Google Analytics and my most popular blog entries are to be believed.) So I decided to share a few of the funnier moments from the life of an American who dates Chinese guys. But first, a confession: I mentioned a few months … Continue reading »

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KTV — A Users Guide

I want to talk about a big part of Chinese nightlife culture: KTV. The chinese word for Karaoke. These places aren’t bars or a silly thing to do ironically, but a huge business and the place to celebrate any special event like a birthday, graduation or just for fun on a friday night. Here’s the … Continue reading »

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Hanging Out With Foreigners

I want to write about hanging out with foreigners, which might seem a strange topic to you. The fact of the matter is that for the past 3 years I haven’t spent much time with the other laowai (foreigners). At school there are so few, and aside from one or two I don’t spend much … Continue reading »

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Chinese Mountains Rule

Here’s the thing I love about mountains in China. In addition to being a tall piece of land we love to climb, they have so much history. Even the small mountains around my school are filled with hidden graves, small temples and other things built over the decades. In America, mountains are just mountains (and … Continue reading »

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Across the Bridge is Some Darn Tasty Noodles

If you are an avid reader, with a really good memory, you’ll remember that I have been to Kunming before, two and a half years ago. I didn’t write much about the city, just one entry on the amazing park, because well, we didn’t do much. At the time, I thought we had an great … Continue reading »

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Back from Kunming!

My month-long intensive Chinese class is over and I’m back from Kunming. I had an amazing time, without a doubt my best holiday yet (and I have had some awesome holidays). In fact, this is the first time where I wasn’t relieved to come back home. Usually, after a month or so of traveling I’m … Continue reading »

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Wet, Rainy Stones

The sky was dark, the streets were flooded and you could hear thunder in the sky. What to do with that kind of day? Well, walk around outside with hundreds of chinese people of course! Thats right, me and 4 of my classmates from my Kunming Chinese school decided to brave the elements and go … Continue reading »

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A Compliment, Wrapped in an Insult (Wrapped in a Burrito)

The other day I wrote about Weixin (english name Wechat) the app that lets you chat easily with people in your area. I could go on and on about weixin and how I think it has actually changed the course of my life, but for now I want to relay just one story. I’m in … Continue reading »

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The Weird and Wacky Arhat’s

China is known as a non-religious country but it is home to many amazing Buddhist temples. While traveling we got to see these temples and learn about Arhats. What’s an Arhat you ask? Well allow me. According to Buddhism an Arhat is a person who has reached enlightenment (nirvana) and is lifted out of the … Continue reading »

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