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What it’s Like Taking a Intensive Chinese Class

So I just got back from a four-week intensive Chinese class, the second time I’ve taken one of these, and for those of you who are thinking of doing the same thing, I thought I’d write about my experience so you can decide for yourself. Four years ago I was a student at Keats School, … Continue reading »

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Class is Over, Time to Hit the Road

Final exams have been given, grades submitted, and lots of selfies with students have been taken. The semester, and subsequently the school year, is finished! Boom. Add another notch to the belt. Year seven complete. So what to do now with my 2 months of freedom? Well, when you live in the Miami of China, … Continue reading »

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Go Check Out my Guest Post

So I wrote a guest post over at Linda Living in China blog. I had read another one of her guest posts, (about a girl learning Chinese by traveling by herself) and I realized that one of my best methods of learning Chinese was dating Chinese guys. I actually wrote the article for my blog, … Continue reading »

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You’re on Color! (Our new bet)

A few months ago, I said that my best friend Color won a bet we had started almost two years prior. (My punishment is going to be that I have to cook thai food for him. It could have been worse!) A few years is a long time to continue a bet, but now we … Continue reading »

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My HSK 5 Results *sad face*

And……………I didn’t make it. I failed HSK 5 by 11 measly points. That’s like 4-5 questions. I knew it was going to be close and I knew I would either just pass or just fail. But I was hoping for the pass. This was my score: Listening: 59 Writing: 59 Reading: 51 Total score: 169. … Continue reading »

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Getting Discouraged with the HSK

As of today, I have 2 weeks until I take the HSK 5, a chinese language test. I’ve been technically preparing for months, but only seriously for the past 6 weeks. Every day I try to do some exercises, take a part of a practice test, memorize some new words. But with the light at … Continue reading »

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Is Communication Fate?

As my Chinese is getting better, and I’m making more chinese friends, a thought has been taking shape. Is ease of communication an indication of who I should be friends with? Let’s face it, speaking chinese with me is not easy. You have to work at it. You have to deal with my bad pronunciation … Continue reading »

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F&$% You, Chinese!

Summer’s officially arrived and what am I doing everyday?! Studying for the HSK level 5 Chinese test. And not just studying but studying my ass off. I’ve never studied for something like this, and frankly it’s pissing me off. I’m not the most academically gifted student, never have been. I’ve always seen exams more as … Continue reading »

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Making it Official: My New Goal

Okay, I have thought long and hard about this and after looking things up on the internet and talking to several people I have decided to make a major commitment: On July 21st, I am going to take the HSK 5. For those of you not learning Chinese, let me explain. There is an official … Continue reading »

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Impromptu Chinese Lesson

You would think that living in China while learning Chinese means I get a lot of practice. In some ways I do (and I certainly could never learn the language if I didn’t live here) but in many ways, it doesn’t help at all. Technically every minute outside I could be practicing my listening. But … Continue reading »

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