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You Know You’ve Been in China A Long Time When…..

Three years ago I wrote a post called 10 Signs You’ve Lived in China a Long Time. It was a post about all the culture differences I’ve grown accustomed to over the years. At this point I’m so used to China I’m not really sure what I do differently anymore. I mean, it’s been almost … Continue reading »

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Being a Teacher is Worth It

Besides going to mountains this winter break, I had another accidental theme: Seeing my students. I’ve been teaching for so long, and with such a large number of students, that it just figures they are now spread all throughout China and I’d bump into them from time to time. This trip I kept┬átripping over them … Continue reading »

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The Last Class

Three and a half years ago I met class 105 and 106. (In China the classes stay the same, with the same students taking all their classes together, for 4 years.) Both freshman classes, new to university life, I was hesitant to say the least. Freshman not only have the worst level of English, but … Continue reading »

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You Never Know What’s Going to Happen

One of the benefits of sticking around this summer is spending time with people I probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Case in point? Last night I went out with 6 former students. A few had just graduated, but most had graduated a year before. They were some of the first students I met here, and were … Continue reading »

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We Got a Subway Now!! (The More Delicious Kind)

Things have changed a lot in my little boonie city since I first arrived. It used to be I would go out to a dirt/rubble road (with chickens and dogs running freely) to a little shack or food cart to get my dinner and pray I didn’t get food posioning because there was no running … Continue reading »

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