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Tagged With: nature

Post Typhoon Clean-Up

You know, whenever there is a natural disaster we always see real-time pictures and video over the drama that it wrought. But we hardly ever see the after pictures or any of the clean up effort outside of the first few days. So how does a major natural disaster change a place long term? Seeing … Continue reading »

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Hiking the Majestic Yellow Mountain

Not all famous places are worth the hype. The Terracotta Warriors? Kinda lame in person. The Great Wall? S’okay if you can find a quiet day. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry? Made me seasick. But there is one place that is more amazing and more majestic then anywhere I’ve ever been in China. Coincidentally it is … Continue reading »

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The Sunburn Chronicles: Heavenly Lake

Now you have seen from my pictures that the northwest region of China has some shocking beauty. A stark, desert beauty of rainbow mountains with no vegetation, or towering sand dunes in all directions. But what you haven’t seen a lot of is trees and lush forests. That’s because Xinjiang is a dry, mountainous region … Continue reading »

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