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Thousand Character Chinese Classic

Like I do at the end of every year, I have my students in speaking class become teachers. Their final exam is to “teach class” for 15 minutes. (Not a presentation, but actually teach.) This is always super fun. Students freak out when I assign it to them, but then they quickly realize class is … Continue reading »

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You Know You’ve Been in China A Long Time When…..

Three years ago I wrote a post called 10 Signs You’ve Lived in China a Long Time. It was a post about all the culture differences I’ve grown accustomed to over the years. At this point I’m so used to China I’m not really sure what I do differently anymore. I mean, it’s been almost … Continue reading »

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Being a Teacher is Worth It

Besides going to mountains this winter break, I had another accidental theme: Seeing my students. I’ve been teaching for so long, and with such a large number of students, that it just figures they are now spread all throughout China and I’d bump into them from time to time. This trip I keptĀ tripping over them … Continue reading »

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My First “Kid” Got Married!

On the last class with my darling graduated students we played a game. “Who’s gonna be the first…?” Things like, get married, have a baby, become a millionaire, live abroad, etc. Well, one of those questions have been answered because at the end of December, about 6-months after graduation, my first baby got married. Judy … Continue reading »

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I Feel a Bit Guilty About Yesterday’s Post

So after I totally dissed my students in yesterday’s post, I had my last class with one group of kids. We had a christmas party (I do it every year) and when class was almost over one student stood up and said they had a special gift for me. He brought up his backpack and … Continue reading »

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Funny English Names of my Chinese Students

One of my very first posts in China was about students picking hilarious English names. It just cracked me up that a boy would call themselves “Cookies” or a girl “Super.” But like all things, you get immune to it. I’ve had plenty of none traditional names over the years, like “Lightning,” “Blue,” “Superman.” (Hell, … Continue reading »

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Trying for a Work/Life Balance While Living on Campus

Almost exactly five years ago I went to my first dinner with students. I was so excited, and honored back then that the students wanted to spend time with me. That even though they didn’t know me very well, and their English level was a little low, they were willing to spend time, speaking English, … Continue reading »

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Farewell Tour of Zhejiang–Stage 2

Stage one of my farewell tour was saying goodbye to my friends in Shanghai. Like peeling off the layers of an onion, I started furthest away and I’m getting closer and closer to home. Stage two of my farewell tour was all about students, school stuff and Hangzhou. I also had to deal with final … Continue reading »

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Student Gifts Over the Years

Since I need to box my crap up and ship it down south (“to where Becky?” I hear you ask. I’ll announce my new China home soon I just want to wait till I have a contract in hand till I consider it official.) I’ve been cleaning up and throwing out a lot of crap. … Continue reading »

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An Unexpected Semester

I had decided, more than a year ago, that this year would be my last year. I’m not going to leave China, but I’m going to leave the city I’ve called home for the past five years. So I made a plan. First semester was all about my students. I had stayed for them. I … Continue reading »

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