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Back from the Month-Long Paradise of Yangshuo, China

So I’m back from my summer holidays, and like always it went by so fast. (How can people even stand a week-long holiday? That must be over in a blink.) I was in the small village of Yangshuo in Guangxi which is in southern China, studying Chinese. I’ll write another post about what it is … Continue reading »

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The Sunburn Chronicles: Turpan, the Second Lowest Point on Earth

Given my very public aversion to heat you think I’d avoid going to the hottest spot in China. A place that is the second lowest point on earth (after the Dead Sea) and below sea level. Just my luck, in the days leading up to my stop, they had a sudden heat wave and temperatures … Continue reading »

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Summer Reads About China

It’s summer, the season of reading, and I thought I’d recommend a few books you can bring with you on your travels. Now these book recommendations are for newbies about China. If you are a China enthusist you have probably read all of these long ago, but if you haven’t, then I would recommend them … Continue reading »

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Summer Break Can’t Come Soon Enough!

So remember when I said I hate Xiamen? I hate it even more now. It’s SOOOOOOOOOO friggin hot. I walk around wearing a sweat band, and I don’t do it in an ironic Wes Anderson-type way. I wear it because my face sweats so much that if I try to wipe it with my hand, … Continue reading »

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I’m Back *Exhales Deeply*

So I’m back in the big silly and it feels so good to be here. of course I’m at my new school in Xiamen, and as of yet I havent really met too many people (I’ve been dealing with jet-lag, setting up my new apartment and meeting my new bosses.) So before I go into … Continue reading »

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Trying Not to Be THAT Person

I think we’ve all had a friend who went to England for the summer, and came back with a terrible fake accent. Or the totally white friend (who can’t speak another language and has never been out of the country) who says Puerto Rico with deep rolling R’s and a strong accent. Little things that make … Continue reading »

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“What Are Your Travel Plans this Summer, Becky?”

With only a week left of classes, I’m getting the same question over and over again. “Where will you travel to this summer?” During the summer I always spend at least a month traveling all over China, and my students and friends know me well enough to expect it by now. So I like to … Continue reading »

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Back from Kunming!

My month-long intensive Chinese class is over and I’m back from Kunming. I had an amazing time, without a doubt my best holiday yet (and I have had some awesome holidays). In fact, this is the first time where I wasn’t relieved to come back home. Usually, after a month or so of traveling I’m … Continue reading »

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