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Post Typhoon Clean-Up

You know, whenever there is a natural disaster we always see real-time pictures and video over the drama that it wrought. But we hardly ever see the after pictures or any of the clean up effort outside of the first few days. So how does a major natural disaster change a place long term? Seeing … Continue reading »

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A Walk in the Woods (with Ben)

There’s no getting around it: my campus is one of the most beautiful in China. The college is nestled in the foothills of Lin’an, and while we have a dirty, fast moving city to the south of the college, the north is entirely wild with mountains, footpaths, hidden lakes and more. On recent Saturday’s Ben … Continue reading »

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Instant Forest – Just Add Trees

Normally the front entrance of the school is filled with purple and green bushes crisscrossing and intertwining to make colorful lines from afar. One day a giant boulder showed up, stuck around for a few weeks, and the mysteriously disappeared. Then the green bushes disappeared as did the purple. The whole front was emptied and … Continue reading »

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