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Where in the World was Becky? (Yes, past tense. I’m back now)

I hate when people do “sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile” posts because they quickly become outdated. Someone who reads this blog even a few months from today won’t even notice the break in days unless they specifically look at the date. That being said….sorry for the thin content here! Blame badminton. I’m not the … Continue reading »

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Finishing my Travels on Possibly The Worst Day–Chinese New Years Hassle

It’s really becoming cliche on this blog for me to bitch and moan about Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival) but really, I cannot stop myself. I wish I could explain the importance of this holiday but it is so hard for anyone outside the country to understand. (Here’s me complaining about it in 2015, … Continue reading »

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Change in Plans

So remember waaay back (10 days ago) when I announced my winter travel plans? Well, at the time I was in Shanghai and Hangzhou visiting my friends and having a lot of fun. Maybe a little too much fun. Shanghai had always been a bit of a splurge destination for me. I usually went for … Continue reading »

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Winter Travel Destinations

The winter holidays have begun and my itchy feet need to move. In fact, as you read this I’ve already started my winter travels (I’m in Shanghai and Hangzhou for a few weeks to see all my friends.) But my main travel destination is what is probably the most dangerous place to fly to in … Continue reading »

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Bags Packed, Tickets in Hand

It’s winter holiday so that means it’s time to go out and about and explore this huge adopted country of mine. So what’s the plan this year? Well, like always, to me winter means going south. So I’m going to start in Shenzhen to visit my best friend Color for a few days. Shenzhen is … Continue reading »

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