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What it’s Like Taking a Intensive Chinese Class

So I just got back from a four-week intensive Chinese class, the second time I’ve taken one of these, and for those of you who are thinking of doing the same thing, I thought I’d write about my experience so you can decide for yourself. Four years ago I was a student at Keats School, … Continue reading »

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Back from the Month-Long Paradise of Yangshuo, China

So I’m back from my summer holidays, and like always it went by so fast. (How can people even stand a week-long holiday? That must be over in a blink.) I was in the small village of Yangshuo in Guangxi which is in southern China, studying Chinese. I’ll write another post about what it is … Continue reading »

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Paging Mr. Jackson

I know New Zealand is all the rage for Middle Earth, but wouldn’t this Karst in Yangshuo make an excellent Mordor set? No CGI or foam sets necessary! (And yes, I fully understand that I am outing myself as a geek here.)

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A Boat Trip Down the Li River in Yangshuo

One of the most amazing features of Yangshuo, China is the karst peaks that encircle the city. The sight of these rising crooked limestone peaks is something to behold in person, and the best place to really get a look at the peaks is along the Li River. The Li River runs alongside the city … Continue reading »

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The North Fake

Ever since the start of our trip, something was wrong with our bags. We were using our trusty backpacks which we originally got over 10 years ago for our first round-the-world backpacking trips. But now they were awkward and uncomfortable. What was going on? I started to look at all the other travelers and realized … Continue reading »

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Cooking Class in Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is well known for its courses. That is, classes you can take after you’ve enjoyed all the beautiful scenery. There are calligraphy course, language courses, tai chi courses and cooking courses. Guess which one us little piggies took. Despite not ever cooking at our apartment (it is cheaper to eat out) Ryan has been … Continue reading »

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